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Wantless is a fast-paced Tactical RPG set in a dystopian future and was made in Unity. I've worked on all the music and sound effects for this and implemented them via FMOD. Wantless has been published by Twin Sails Interactive for early access on Steam, for more info check out:

Captain Corgo

Captain Corgo is an endless runner type game made in Unreal Engine. It's about a Corgi traversing through retro - cyber landscapes and avoiding various obstacles in pursuit of a menacing cat boss! I made all the music for this as well creating some key sound effects. The game can be downloaded here: & the OST can be heard here:

Shopkeeper: A Tale of the Ordinary

“Shopkeeper: A Tale of the Ordinary”, is an unannounced game which I wrote the full soundtrack for, and is being developed in Unity. This is a retro style life simulator with its release date projected to be into 2024 / 2025.

Unannounced Arcade Game

In 2023 I've worked with another sound designer on what is set to be a physical arcade game released by Playmore Games. This game is still yet to be announced, but more can be found out about Playmore Games at:


Bolygó was an indie rogue-like/strategy pixel art game being made with a custom made engine and which I was developing music and sound effects for. Unfortunately development of the game has been discontinued.

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