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Naturally for custom game music, different styles and levels of production can take different amounts of time, thus varying in price. However, down below I can hopefully give you a better idea of my rates pertaining to these different styles, so you can determine whether you feel I would be suitable for your project. Remember these are just a guidance, and if you have any questions at all when it comes to figuring out what my rate would be regarding the music you want, please don't hesitate to contact me at:

Chiptune & Ambient / Soundscapes

Starting from £100 per minute

"Complex" Orchestral Based Music

Starting from £250 per minute

“Regular” Game Music

(Synth, Beats, Simple Orchestral etc)

Starting from £150 per minute

Sound Effects & Sound Design

- Custom sound effects based on placeholders

you have provided are £25 each.

- Custom sound effects which you wish for me to create without placeholder references are £35 each.

- "Sequenced sounds" (e.g. 5 punching sounds) fall under the pricing of one sound effect.

- Sound effects / sound design exceeding 15 seconds have prices which will vary (please contact me to discuss!)

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