Aleks Ozols began his journey into the world of music production around the year of 2002 and despite being Classically trained on the piano, it was his interest in DJ’ing which he picked up from his older brother that quickly sparked his desire to try and re-create the records he was hearing.


Inspired by mid 90’s Hip Hop and Trip Hop and creating a largely sample based sound, Aleks would go onto honing his production and DJ’ing skills until 2006 when Dubstep came along and radically changed his approach to music production. Aleks would go onto injecting a more gritty synth based aesthetic to his sound mixed with smoother R’n’B elements which saw him have both digital and vinyl releases within the UK Bass scene, however it was not long before Aleks switched things up again and would segway into the world of being a producer as well as singer-songwriter. 


While holding down a DJ’ing residency at a well known night club in Central London and playing on pirate radio, Aleks would work on his new Pop, R’n’B & Rap influenced material which he would then eventually go onto shooting a dozen music videos for and release independently. Embarking on this particular journey allowed Aleks to acquire new skills in video production as well as working with countless up 'n' coming singers, songwriters and performers on a freelance basis and as well as on his own online music production business.


At the end of 2018, Aleks would then go onto opening his own studio in Brentford - West London, where at the time of writing he focuses primarily on video production and providing studio time for artists as well as creating music for two forthcoming independent video games and one documentary.


Aleks has finally found his home in the world of music for Game, Film and TV, as applying his composition and production skills accrued over many years in conjunction with a now somewhat low key profile, has allowed him to fully express himself without the feeling of limitation. 


By now focusing strictly on the creation of music and primarily fulfilling the visions of his collaborators, Aleks has lifted the constraints that can be found when conforming to the expectations of a particular audience or genre in a bid to stay in the “public eye”, leaving him to finally embark on a life long journey as a student of musical excellence it’s self.